Your steps to begin your Gateway Seminary journey:

  1. Start your online application by clicking the Apply Now button or clicking here.
  2. Submit your official transcripts and the Church Endorsement Form (CEF).
    • We trust the local church to recognize and support emerging leaders in the congregation.
    • You can download the CEF by clicking here.
    • Depending on your degree program, you may need to submit additional items.
    • You can Check Your Application Requirements or Check Your Enrollment Status.
    • Important:  You must be logged with your login information obtained completing step 1 in order for the system to retrieve your requirements or status.

After you have been accepted:

  1. Submit your Financial Aid Application.
  2. Complete New Student Orientation at one of our campuses or online.
  3. You’ve made it! Now you can register for your first semester’s classes by clicking here.